Brief Thoughts on Grace

Grace, it’s the name for a girl.

It’s also a thought that changed the world.  -“Grace” by U2


I’m not sure I attach any other virtue to love more than I do grace. Not because Grace is the name of my amazing niece, but because I believe that showing grace to someone is one of the ultimate ways to love them. And while this post is not about my niece, she can’t help but remind me of the word for which she is named. As a 9 month-old child, she is a beauty unspoiled by this world and bestows her favor freely and without condition to anyone who will accept it. And what could be more gracious than that? However, some day the world will not only teach her to reject those who cause her pain, they will encourage her to do so. As difficult as it is to imagine the pure heart of Grace being broken, she will surely find herself faced with the choices we all do when it comes to pain and forgiveness. I’ve written before that when we are hurt by someone, we often respond instinctually by lashing out to hurt them back. Grace is the only thing that turns that instinct upside-down. In a moment of pain, we can act out of selfishness or we can show what it really means to love. I hope I am always able to hold on to this principle. I can say with certainty that I’ve not always been able to act it out. It’s not a revelation that the people we care for the most have the greatest capacity to cause us pain. In my life, people I have loved dearly have hurt me terribly. Then again, I have also hurt people terribly. But being able to work through a mistake that has caused pain, whether on the giving or receiving end, has gifted the most beautiful and rich relationships in my life. And because of that, I couldn’t be more thankful for grace.

Listen to “Grace” here


3 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts on Grace

  1. These are some of the most beautiful words on grace that I have ever read. You are a wonderfully gifted & talented writer! I am always anticipating the analogies of my life experiences so your writing never ceases to inspire me.

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    • I agree, Lys! Lovely and inspirational! How true about grade! And yet one step further for forgiveness is to be able to extend love to those who accidentally hurt us but also to those who intentionally engage in acts that hurt us! Jesus did! YES! But it is only through HIs love and grace that we can see those who maliciously ‘spit’ on us, conspire against us, side against us…only with His help and His love can we view them ‘as if they have never sinned’.

      Beautifully written and inspiring…grace is truly AMAZING! As are you, sweet niece!


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