Twas The Night Before Grace

To celebrate her first birthday (which happened on Sunday), I’m posting the little poem I wrote for Gracie Green right after she was born 🙂 Enjoy!

Twas The Night Before Grace

‘twas the night before Grace

And all through the city

Your uncles were in bed

Your aunts, sleeping pretty

When all of a sudden

Our phones rang up a clatter

Auntie Lysie knew the time had come

Uncle Nick said, “Chris, what’s the matter?”

Your daddy told us you were on your way

Shouts of excitement were heard all around

While mommy grabbed her phone and texted,

“Lys and Lo, it’s about to go down!”

Your aunts and uncles went back to bed

So we could all get some good rest

Grandpa asked Grandma “Should we head on down?”

And Grandma said, “I think that’d be best”

Your parents made it to the hospital

Cause daddy drove real fast

Your mommy wasn’t feeling so great

And asked dad, “How long will this last?”

Mommy was up all through the night

Daddy waited as dark turned to day

Grandma was keeping it together best that she could

Grammy and Gramps were on their way

Then the morning of the 18th arrived

And to the hospital, all of us made it

Your grandparents, aunts and uncles sat by

And until evening simply just waited

When all of a sudden

Through the waiting room doors

Dad quickly burst into the room

And we couldn’t take it any more

You had been born! So we assumed

Your dad was beaming bright with pride

And with a smile on his face

He said, mom was doing very well

And did we finally want to meet Grace?

Cheers of joy rang throughout the hall

For you were the most beautiful sight

And as Auntie Lo held you close she whispered,

“Happy Birthday, dear Grace

And to all a good night”


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