A prayer from a heavy heart

I often feel in these moments as though I am unworthy to come to You. But in Your grace, You still accept me and my prayers with all their sort-comings and fears. This week has been difficult, Lord. On many different spectrums, I am hurting for people. Some of whom I have never met and some who I love very dearly. You are always showing me what beauty there is in this world, but sometimes it is hard to see it through a curtain of pain. How is it that on this earth we can find ourselves experiencing both heaven and hell in a single day? God, I pray that we find a way to use our hurt to push us toward unity. Tragedy and pain are strangers to no one and we are all connected through their experience. I have no answers and I ask for none. I’m not sure I would understand them even if they were given to me. I simply ask for grace and peace, both virtues to which You can breath into the hearts of Your people in a way we would never experience otherwise. Your love in this world is what we need on both a personal and global level. Help me bring heaven to earth by teaching me to love those closest to me to the best of my ability and then practice that love further by showing it to all people. Thank you for who You are, who You have been and who You will always be: our refuge, strength, and ever-present help in times of trouble.

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