Fad Diets and Thankfulness

Ever since they became “a thing”, I’ve been wanting to try a detox diet or cleanse. Their promises and reviews fascinated me and left me wondering if they actually did get results. So the week before last, I made the decision to try one! After doing some research, I picked the brain of my sister-in-law and she told me about the GM diet – a strict plan that supposedly flushed your system and helped you lose weight in a week. I spoke to her about her experience and after researching the plan on my own, I decided to go for it! After all, it was only a week, right? (LOL…)

The GM diet plan is much like the cabbage soup diet. Check out the details below:

The idea is that you stick to ONLY the foods outlined above, as well as supplementing with cabbage soup, and you could lose up to 10 lbs! I thought this seemed pretty unrealistic, but I was still curious about how this type of diet would make me feel. I wasn’t looking to lose much weight, but I did hope my clothes would fit better and I would feel less puffy after the week was over (my recent trip to Jamaica definitely took its toll on my body).


I started the diet on a Monday and, with determination in my heart, made it through Day 1 eating only fruit. Sure, I was a little hungry, but I believed I could handle feeling this way for a for week. But as Day 3 drug on (fruits and veggies only), something I wasn’t expecting started to happen: I became incredibly aware of how blessed I am. Like, REALLY REALLY blessed.  Not only do I not experience hunger (like 800 million people do EVERY DAY), but I have the resources, both in terms of finances and availability, to have all different kinds of wonderful meals on a daily basis.  I am very close to several good supermarkets and have the time to research recipes, shop, and cook delicious meals for my husband and I. If I want something more convenient, I’m 5-10 minutes away from dozens of different types of restaurants. Or if all else fails, I can always order pizza from one of ten pizza places less than ten minutes away. Intellectually-speaking, this isn’t a shocking revelation, but it’s still a very easy fact to forget. When it comes to the issue of hunger, most of the time I usually think about how I don’t ever experience it. But I almost never take it a step further to recognize all the options and resources I have when it comes to food. I don’t have to stick to one type of meal because I have what seems like limitless variety available to me. And although this wasn’t what I was expecting to get out of it, the limiting restrictions of the GM diet helped me see that in a very real way. I’m just a little ashamed it took something as vain as a fad diet in order for me to see that.

It wasn’t easy, but I did end up finishing the seven-day diet. And even though my clothes do fit better, that wasn’t the best thing I got out of the experience. I appreciate the concept of focusing on your health, disciplining yourself, and trying new things, but this diet actually turned out to be better for my soul than it was for my body. So in the wake of this experience and with a renewed spirit of thanksgiving in my heart, I thought it would be appropriate to make a donation to the Midwest Food Bank this week. Everyone feels moved to give in different ways to different organizations, but if you have an interest in making a donation as well, you can find the link to their site below! If you’d like to donate to a local food bank, but don’t live in Indianapolis, check out foodpantries.org (link also below) and see what is available in your area. Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Midwest Food Bank

Food Pantries



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